Tianrui Cement
Tianrui Group Cement Co., Ltd. is one of the twelve national cement enterprises supported by the Chinese government, and is one of the five leading cement enterprises designated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China for merger and joint reorganization in the central region.
Tianrui Cement is one of the first two cement enterprises in China to be admitted as members of the World Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI).
In recent years, Tianrui Cement has accelerated the transformation and upgrading from "traditional manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing" and "green manufacturing", and realized the transformation from "digital cement" to "intelligent factory" and "green factory".
Tianrui Foundry
Tianrui Group Foundry Co., Ltd. is one of the leading enterprises in China with advanced technology and equipment. It is in leading position in China's foundry industry and a licensed manufacturer of major components for railroad locomotives and rolling stock.
Tianrui Foundry has developed the world's first advanced V-process molding production line incooperation with HWS, a German company, forming a production capacity of 200,000 tons of steel components per year.
Tianrui Foundry, equipped with the world's advanced industrial CT and DR detection device system, has ranked among the world's high-quality railroad casting product suppliers. And the production of railroad bolsters and side frames accounted for more than 35% of the market share of railway transportation renovation during the sixth speed increase of China Railway.
Tianrui Tech
Tianrui Group, conforming to the industrial policy, is committed to accelerating the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, infiltrating updated information technology such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other new-generation information technology into each core link of its development, and continuously exploring the digital transformation mode in line with the characteristics of its industry, and completing the construction of the Tianrui Group's financial and business integration, digital factory and group control, smart factory, and industrial Internet platform for the building materials industry.
Tianrui Group Information Technology Co., Ltd. has been recognized as "Domestic High-tech Enterprise" and "Domestic Software Enterprise" in China, and obtained over 90 software copyrights and national patents.
In 2020, Tianrui and Huawei jointly established the "Tianrui Huawei Joint Innovation Laboratory".
In 2021, Tianrui 's "Intelligent Mining Integration Solution" won the first prize for the raw materials industry in the Third China Industrial Internet Competition.
Tianrui Logistics
Zhongyuan Dayi Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the first batch of Non-Truck Operating Common Carriers (NTOCC), Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers (NVOCC), China's AAAA level comprehensive service logistics providers, China's first batch of AAAAA network freight service providers, and China's top 100 Internet enterprises.
In March 2019, Dayi Tech was listed as one of the key science and technology innovation board listed reserve enterprises in Henan Province. Dayi Tech has established a leading technology network freight transportation platform in China, with transportation business covering more than 30 provinces, cities and autonomous regions across the country.
Dayi Tech is committed to becoming China's leading industrial supply chain platform. In 2022, Dayi Tech’s revenue has exceeded 13.5 billion yuan, and the comprehensive achievements of the platform such as transaction volume, transportation volume, and the number of integrated vehicles ranked the first in Henan Province and the fifth in China.